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9 Great Benefits Of Boxing

Gone are the days when boxing was considered just a sport. Boxing training has now become a popular way to achieve physical and mental fitness. Fitness boxing has several health benefits because it involves mind-body coordination. See the top reasons why you should start fitness boxing today!

1. Fitness Boxing is for Everyone

Traditional boxing is all about fighting with a partner, whereas fitness boxing includes punching a punching bag or throwing punches in the air. Fitness boxing classes are usually of two types. The first one is about following a leader and doing a series of boxing punches moves. The moves are choreographed on foot-tapping music, just like aerobics music. The leader will teach you punching moves like sweeping punches (hooks, crosses, uppercuts), squats (ducks), smaller punches (jabs), and other short steps.

The second type of boxing exercise is based on stretching, strength training, and hitting a punching bag. No need to worry if you lack the strength to stand and do boxing moves. Both types of boxing training mentioned before are available for adults who wish to remain seated performing the punches.

2. Health Benefits

Just like fitness boxing, there might be any other types of exercises that have several health benefits. If you want to focus on your strength, fitness boxing is the best exercise you can choose for yourself. In this exercise, you are increasing the strength of your upper body by moving the muscles of your arms and shoulders and swinging your arms. Not just your upper body, but you are also strengthening your core muscles, back, legs and the lower body when you bend your knees in a boxer crouch position. 

3. Aerobics and Fitness Boxing

Fitness boxing is a great form of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise helps lower the risk of high blood pressure and strengthens your heart and lungs. Benefits of boxing workout for seniors include a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, more efficient heart and lungs, and cardiovascular health improvement. It can also burn more calories, strengthen bones and muscles, and lift the mood. Aerobics and fitness boxing helps boost your endurance.

4. Increase Self Confidence 

health benefits of boxing for females]

One of the major benefits of boxing workout is the feeling of well-being. Boxing makes you release these hormones, which put you in a good mood. Striking, dodging, and footwork helps improve your self-confidence and increases your physical and mental wellness.


5. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Did you know that aerobic exercise is associated with development in certain brain functions? Similarly, boxing has several benefits like improvement of hand-eye coordination, especially if you're munching on a punching bag, hitting your target in the match, or just "shadow" boxing. Studies show that when you hit a target with your hands, it improves your hand-eye coordination and makes you feel more alert and attentive to your surroundings.


6. Better Body Balance

Another benefit of fitness boxing is better body balance. If you can stand while boxing, then you can improve your body balance. Boxing includes changing your position and challenging your balance while you are planning to hit your opponent. This way you can protect yourself and build a better body balance.


7. Social Benefits

Some of the social benefits of boxing training are the ability to take a break from the outside world and enjoy the moment. Fitness boxing is an excellent form of stress buster and stimulates endorphin production. It can help you boost your confidence level and learn a lot about yourself. If you want to learn how to manage your anger & stress, fitness boxing is a great option to go for.


8. Weight Loss

Boxing training is a strong cardio workout that acts as a serious calorie burner, as long as you keep your heart rate up during the workout. You can burn up to 1000 calories in a typical boxing training session. It helps you burn fat, increase your muscle mass and lowers the risk of diabetes. Boxing works on the entire body; hence it helps you lose weight and stay fit.


9. What you should do

Stay fit with Fitness Boxing

Fitness experts suggest that fitness boxing is not suitable If you have osteoarthritis or osteoporosis of the hands, you should avoid kickboxing and focus on shadow boxing only. Make sure your hands don't make contact with a punching bag or target. It is recommended to check with your physician before starting.


If you want to start fitness boxing to work on your daily routine, you can easily join classes at a health club or community centre. Once you decide to take a fitness boxing class, remember to proceed slowly. Keep in mind that it's not about high intensity; it's about consistency. Start at a comfortable level of intensity and gradually increase your pace but most importantly, have fun!