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How To Train Like an MMA Fighter: Top Tips and an MMA Training Schedule to Follow

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has fast become one of the most popular sports of the 21st century, gaining fans all over the world. It’s known as an unforgiving full-contact sport made famous by some incredible sportsmen and women, including the likes of Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor, who are among the most famous MMA athletes in the world. 

MMA Fighters

Top 5 Tips on Becoming an MMA Fighter

#1 Make sustainable changes

Longevity is key. We’re all guilty of making hard changes to our lifestyle to prepare for something in particular. However, Mixed Martial Arts training is tough on the mind and body and cannot be achieved overnight. Results are built over time, therefore you need to make sure you create a diet and training regime that you can maintain over a long period.

#2 A healthy, balanced lifestyle

The kitchen is just as important. You might have heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, and this can also be applied to your MMA strength training. It is crucial that you get the balance right with your nutrients, levels of protein and healthy fats. Measuring and tracking everything you put inside your body on a day-to-day business will ensure you hit your daily intake targets. This will aid you to meet your goals quicker.

#3 Plan and Track Your Training

This might seem like an obvious suggestion, however it’s one of the most common downfalls. Planning appropriately at the beginning of the week will always assist in motivation each day. High intensity workouts such as sprinting, heavy lifts and sparring should only be done for a short duration. Whereas, low intensity activities, including drilling, can be done for a longer period of time. Making sure you allocate enough time to both high and low intensity workouts will help you build a more well-rounded training routine. You can also ask your personal trainer or coach to help you plan your workout schedules per week. 

#4 Perfect Your Breathing

Breathing techniques are the secret recipe of success, simple yet effective. Bruce Lee, Rickson Gracie amongst many other elite professional MMA athletes use breathing techniques as a crucial part of their training and routines. Breathing helps prepare your mind ahead of a fight, increase your stamina and the quickest way to reduce stress after your training session or fight through reducing your heart rate and calming your mind.

#5 Take A Break

Make rest days with your friend. Your body needs to recover and heal from your week’s training process. It’s recommended that you take one or two rest days per week, which will allow you to reset, replenish and prepare. Be sure to plan your days off so that you have something to look forward to, which will help you deal with the grueling training schedule through the week. Finding healthy hobbies or activities to do outside your MMA gym also means you don’t fall behind on any progress.

An Example of an MMA Training Schedule For MMA Fighters


AM – Drilling/Technique

PM – Mitt/Pad/Heavy Bag intervals


AM – Live Situations, Rolling, or Sparring

PM – Strength and Conditioning

  1. Foam Roller, Trigger Point work – 5-10min

  2. Dynamic Warm Up – 10min

  3. Strength Work – 30-40min


AM – Drilling jiu jitsu / wrestling

PM – Mitt/Pad/Heavy Bag intervals


AM – Live Situations, Rolling, or Sparring

PM – Strength and Conditioning

  1. Foam Roll, Trigger point work – 5-10min

  2. Dynamic Warm Up – 10min

  3. Strength Work – 30-40min


AM – Drilling/Technique or low intensity cardio (swim, jog, bike or similar)



AM – Live Situations, Rolling, or Sparring




MMA Training

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