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  • The Complete Guide to Boxing for Women

    Forget the years when boxing was a sport exclusive to men because the times have already changed. More and more women are joining the club.  And true enough, boxing is an intense and physically demanding combat sport that must seem a major turn-off. However, the sport remains enticing because of ... View Post
  • The Basic Boxing Skills and Techniques for Beginners

    Boxing is an excellent sport that has a number of health benefits, including improving strength, stamina and coordination. It has been a staple sport throughout history and can be dated back thousands of years. It’s never too late to get involved and find out why it has remained so popular. View Post
  • 9 Great Benefits Of Boxing

    Gone are the days when boxing was considered just a sport. Boxing training has now become a popular way to achieve physical and mental fitness. Fitness boxing has several health benefits because it involves mind-body coordination. See the top reasons why you should start fitness boxing today! 1... View Post