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  • 8 Common Boxing Injuries and How to Prevent Them

    Boxing is undeniably a full-contact combat sport. You can sustain boxing injuries whether you’re inside a ring or training on a heavy bag. Either way, getting hurt can impact your ability to continue practising the sport. That’s especially true if you’re making it your career. Remember the adage ... View Post
  • 5 Exercises to Improve Boxing Hand Speed

    Many of the world’s most-renowned-strong-punchers in the boxing world are, unsurprisingly, also known for their speed. This is unsurprising as at the end of the day, the boxer throwing out the most punches will win, which will naturally be accommodated by speed.  The good news is that, just like ... View Post
  • 9 Great Benefits Of Boxing

    Gone are the days when boxing was considered just a sport. Boxing training has now become a popular way to achieve physical and mental fitness. Fitness boxing has several health benefits because it involves mind-body coordination. See the top reasons why you should start fitness boxing today! 1... View Post