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Importance Of Boxing Shoes – Benefits and Features


Like any sport, balance is a key factor in winning, especially in boxing. Not having proper balance will give your boxing opponent a high advantage, making it harder to dodge moves and also having less confidence before your match. Finding a boxing shoe that is fitted to your size and comfort is essential in the sport of boxing. Having the ability to keep your feet grounded and balanced will improve the stamina of your punches and make it easier to doge punches as well. 

Ankle support

Boxing is a high intense support that puts a lot of force on your ankles. Not having supportive boxing shoes like tennis or running shoes will result in injury and can lead to long term problems depending on your fighting style. The Fight Factory has a wide range of boxing shoes catering to all needs, whether you do boxing full time professionally or just starting out recreationally. 


When choosing a pair of boxing shoes height is very important depending on what type of boxing you do, your height and weight. There are three main types of boxing shoes including, low-top, mid-top and high-top. 

Low top boxing shoes allow for more flexibility and can also be used for training and other sports. The downside to this is that there is a lack of full ankle protection, this type of boxing shoe wouldn’t be recommended to someone with previous foot and leg injury.

Mid top boxing shoes are quite popular in the sport of boxing and rest just above the ankle. This type of boxing shoe provides adequate support and enough flexibility to move and twist around at a fast pace without worrying about safety. The mid top is recommended for all boxers no matter what level you are.

High top boxing shoes are undoubtedly the best at preventing sprains and injuries. This type provides maximum ankle support and stabilisation which leads to clean strong punches and dodges. The high-top design is situated above the ankle covering all sides for protection, however this causes restriction which makes it harder for lateral movements and quick side steps.

Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoes


Grip & Pivot

The ability to grip the ground so your feet don’t slide is essential to win any fight and any boxer needs proper grip to be able to pivot. The front side of the sole is the main part of the shoe that helps with fast pivoting making it easier to throw accurate punches against your opponent.

 Some of the boxing shoes that have the best grip capability are thicker in materials, ultimately making it harder to pivot. It is up to you to find that balance between stability and flexibility that will ground your feet during power transfer and give you enough room to make quick decisions in the ring. 


Materials & Thickness

You will find most boxing shoes today will be made out of synthetic materials, with a mixture of leather and sometimes suede. Like any high intensity cardio sport, it is guaranteed that you will sweat a lot which can lead to many problems without proper prevention. Choosing boxing shoes that have breathable materials will minimise the risk of you slipping and can help reduce the amount of sweat from your feet.
This product
from The Fight Factory can help with retaining moisture and enhance warm-up time. It is also important to try out different materials, as heavier materials are great for protection but are more restrictive and can be less comfortable, and lightweight materials allow for better and quicker moves but have less protection and support. 



The competitive sport of boxing requires a lot of training and is very demanding on all muscles of the body. Comfort is essential for being able to move, block and attack swiftly without any problems. When purchasing boxing shoes, it is important to look at the materials and make sure you don’t choose stiff materials that make it harder to move which can also lead to foot pain and other problems. 



Lightweight boxing shoes make all the difference when it comes to changing direction and making quick decisions. Making sure you choose a lightweight boxing shoe that is also the right fit will help with your overall performance. Lightweight shoes have thinner materials and a thinner sole which helps with speed and freedom of ankle movement. To find the perfect shoe thickness, visit The Fight Factory to check out our wide range of lightweight boxing shoes that come in different shapes and sizes.

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