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  • The Complete List Of Must-Have Muay Thai Training Equipment

    Muay Thai training is often lighter and playful as compared to other boxing training. Equipment needed for Muay Thai depends on the type of training you’re undertaking. However, some basic items are essential for Muay Thai training at any level. Let's have a look at the equipment required. View Post
  • Best Mouthguards for MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai 

    Mouthguards are made from a soft plastic or laminate material which is inserted into the mouth to protect the teeth and mouth while playing sports. Teeth are the only part of the body that can’t repair themselves, which is why oral health and the prevention of injury to the jaw area is so importa... View Post
  • Best Training Bags for Boxing and Muay Thai

    A heavy bag (also known as a boxing bag and a punching bag) is a leather or canvas bag which is filled with various fillings like sand, grain, sawdust and rags, and is commonly used in boxing and Muay Thai training to perfect balance, rhythm and punching techniques.  Heavy bags help with the foll... View Post