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  • Are You Making These Common Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick Mistakes?

    If you’re looking for a Muay Thai move to master, it should be the roundhouse kick. It’s arguably one of the most powerful strikes you can throw to land a knockout in a fight. Clean, heavy kicks to the head will likely put any fighter down—no matter how determined they are.  Though powerful, Muay... View Post
  • Top Tips and Exercises to Increase Punching Power

    Whether you see it in mixed martial arts or boxing fights, action-movies even, there is always that one thing that brings excitement into the crowd when it comes to watching fist fights: the powerful punches. Many people believe that punching power is a gift, which is true to some extent, but act... View Post
  • Top 3 Muay Thai Leg Exercises to Improve Your Kicks

    The roundhouse kick is among the most known yet devastating moves in the Muay Thai scene, hence its superiority. This seemingly simple kick is, however, far from being simple as many Muay Thai athletes train for years on end to perfect this single, deadly move. Plus, kicks are also worth more poi... View Post