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The Complete List Of Must-Have Muay Thai Training Equipment

Muay Thai training is often lighter and playful as compared to other boxing training. Equipment needed for Muay Thai depends on the type of training you’re undertaking. However, some basic items are essential for Muay Thai training at any level. 

Let's have a look at the equipment required:

Boxing Gloves

A pair of boxing gloves is of the utmost importance for Muay Thai. The gloves protect both you and your opponent from injury and damage. Boxing gloves for Muay Thai are slightly different from regular boxing gloves. However, if you are a beginner and can’t invest in high-quality Muay Thai gloves, then regular boxing gloves will work fine for you.

Don't settle for the cheapest boxing glove when buying for the first time. Cheap quality gloves might cause more harm to your hands, will wear off quickly, and cost you more to replace eventually, so it's better to spend a little extra on high-quality gloves.

Hand Wraps/Inner Gloves

Hand wraps are required for safe training. Whenever you throw a punch during boxing, it creates sudden pressure on the 27 small bones in your hand. So, there's a high chance of getting injured. Therefore, invest in a hand wrap or inner gloves to prevent injury. These wraps are rolls of soft fabric wrapped around the fingers to form a protective layer.

Muay Thai Shorts

Another essential Muay Thai training equipment is Muay Thai shorts. Since kicks and knees are a large part of Muay Thai training, you must wear shorts that fit well and have the flexibility to move in all directions.

Traditionally, Muay Thai shorts are often made of Satin, so that they can be worn for a longer duration. If you are looking for modern options, you can go for MMA style or Vale Tudo style shorts.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are made of a thick padded layer and are used for practising kicks fairly hard. Most gyms usually don't allow you to spar without a shin guard. Hence, it's one of the major Muay Thai gym equipment. You can choose from a variety of shin guards. Training for Muay Thai requires ‘striking’ style shin guards as they are stronger and offer more protection. You should avoid grappling shin guards during Muay Thai as they are lighter, and used for fighting on the ground.

A Mouthguard

Your teeth are extremely important to be protected during the training. Mouthguards are good at absorbing shocks and protect your teeth. However, they don’t prevent knockouts or concussions but are still necessary for Muay Thai training equipment.

At a professional level, fighters are provided with custom-fit mouthguards, which are super expensive. Many beginners choose boil-and-bite mouthguards, which protect the teeth from injury. Many mouthguards come with gum shields and breathing holes. At The Fight Factory, we offer mouthguards of different sizes from leading manufacturers at affordable prices, ensuring you can get high-quality durable mouthguards on a budget. 

Groin Guard

Groin guard is mainly used by men. Being the most sensitive part of the body, the groin is at high risk of damage during Muay Thai training. Hence, it's important to keep everything protected. You can choose from a variety of groin guard styles, but a steel cup that is tied in place with straps or laces is preferred by Muay Thai fighters.

Ankle Supports

Another important piece of Muay Thai gym equipment is ankle supports. It has an elasticity that helps it sit tightly around the foot for maximum support for the joints. They keep the feet warm and allow a better training experience, and reduce chances of strains and muscle pull.

Compression Shorts/Briefs

Just like ankle support, compression shorts are for your legs and keep your body warm. They are worn under Muay Thai shorts and provide ultimate comfort while training. Many compression shorts come with a built-in holder for a groin guard.

Elbow/Knee Pads

Elbow and knee pads are Muay Thai training equipment that is often not used much at a beginner level. Using elbows and knees is quite dangerous in the initial stage because it can cause serious damage to these hard bones. If you are using elbows and knees during sparring, it's better to use an elbow or knee pad and protect your bones. The padded layer inside this equipment reduces the impact of the hit on your knee and elbow.


Headgear is not widely used by Muay Thai fighters, but if you are using sparring techniques that include hitting in the head, then you can invest in quality headgear.

Breathable Training T-Shirts

Muay Thai is an intense workout, and you are going to sweat a lot. Investing in a breathable training t-shirt that fits well and allows flexible movement can save you from seat and irritability. Look for a material that can absorb sweat and keep your busy cool.


Invest in the best Muay Thai Gym Equipment


By now, you might have got an idea about what Muay Thai training equipment you need to invest in for a seamless training experience. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9464 4666 and our devoted staff are always keen to help.