| Maxim Claes

Top 3 Muay Thai Leg Exercises to Improve Your Kicks

The roundhouse kick is among the most known yet devastating moves in the Muay Thai scene, hence its superiority. This seemingly simple kick is, however, far from being simple as many Muay Thai athletes train for years on end to perfect this single, deadly move. Plus, kicks are also worth more points!

For Muay Thai beginners who are trying to improve their muay thai leg kick technique, you will have to stay motivated for a number of years as this would prove to not be easy in the long run. To perfect the muay thai leg kick technique, you will need to put in consistent effort into your training which will include hard kicking heavy bags and pads on the daily. Kicking heavy bags and pads will help you develop hard-hitting power, an essential part of Muay Thai kicks, and any kick in martial arts in fact.

Just like learning any skill, it is easier to do so by training with a certified trainer at a Muay Thai studio. However, for those who would like to lightly train before fully committing to the art or just athletes seeking to train at home, here are three simple exercises on how to improve Muay Thai kicks: 

1. Squats

Although a common exercise, this exercise is one of the most efficient in enhancing the lower body and core strength. However, a simple squat will not suffice, you will have to try other variations of squats, like jump squats. To increase the intensity up a notch, you can train with a weighted vest or a pair of dumbbells.

man wearing a black and red vest doing back squats in a gym

2. Burpees

Burpees are a classic and staple in every workout routine, however, it is also an explosive move which helps build leg and abdominal strength, improve stamina, and also speeds up metabolism which aids in fat loss. This exercise is one of the most efficient exercises on how to practice muay thai kicks, without necessarily doing the kicks.  

This exercise helps improve your muay thai leg kick technique by training your stamina, a major deciding factor on whether a Muay Thai athlete can stand their ground or not. To increase the intensity of this exercise you can incorporate hand weights, like this one from Title Boxing.

3. Lunges

Similar to squats, lunges also help increase lower body strength, specifically in the quads and glutes area. Not only do they help strengthen lower body strength, they also help build abdominal muscles which in turn helps impart stability, improve posture, as well as overall balance. To increase the intensity of muay thai leg exercises, try performing it with dumbbells in both hands.

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