Shin Guards

A shin guard, also known as a shin pad, is an important protective gear that covers between your ankle and knees to protect your shin from injury during MMA training sessions or MMA fights. The most common shin guard types are sock-type shin guards and adjustable strap shin guards. While sock-type shin guards are less expensive, lighter but also provide less protection, the latter are often more secure, long-lasting, and provide the most protection for both you and your partner. Those who prefer more flexible movements or want super-lightweight shin guards for amateur competitions or training sessions will commonly opt for sock-type shin guards. But shin guards with adjustable straps are more highly recommended because of their quality, maximum protection and durability. 

At The Fight Factory, we stock and supply a wide range of shock-absorbing shin guards from the leading manufacturers such as Twins, Top King, Fairtex, Morgan, Ace, Venum and more. They come in various styles, colours, and sizes so can suit all MMA athlete levels from beginners to professionals. Shop now and get your favourite pair of shin guards shipped to your door, no matter where in Australia or New Zealand you are living. Flat rate shipping on all orders: $9.95 shipping Australia-wide and $14.95 shipping New Zealand-wide.

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