| Maxim Claes

Best Training Bags for Boxing and Muay Thai

A heavy bag (also known as a boxing bag and a punching bag) is a leather or canvas bag which is filled with various fillings like sand, grain, sawdust and rags, and is commonly used in boxing and Muay Thai training to perfect balance, rhythm and punching techniques. 

Heavy bags help with the following: 

Footwork and Angles: Work on your footwork and balance while punching the bag from different angles. 

Distance: Being able to judge distance is incredibly important, especially when you’re in the ring facing an opponent. Avoiding a swinging heavy bag with quick footwork will help you master this skill. 

Punching Power: Although it might feel natural to punch a heavy bag as hard as possible, there is a certain technique that professional fighters use (the 2-3-4-5 movement) in which they start with light punches that gradually lead to more powerful ones. Practicing on a heavy bag is the perfect way to master this skill. 

Increase Physical Endurance: Boxing and Muay Thai involve a lot of physical exertion for minutes at a time without a chance to slow down. A heavy bag not only helps fighters improve their skills, but also builds up physical strength and endurance. 

Heavy bags come in the following styles: 

Freestanding Heavy Bag: Bags which are mounted on a stand and usually filled with either sand or water. More on the lighter side than other heavy bags. 

Banana Heavy Bag: Thinner and longer than the average heavy bag with the bottom usually touching the floor. Good for practising kicks. Usually used by Muay Thai fighters. 

Pole Bag: Like a banana bag but thicker and heavier. The pole bag is mounted and is ideal for practicing punches and kicks. 

Angled Heavy Bag: The top of the bag is wider than the bottom half. Good to practice uppercuts and body shots on. 

Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag: A small heavy hanging bag which is perfect for practicing punches and uppercuts. 

Wall/Uppercut Bag: A small angular bag which is wall mounted. Good for practicing straight punches, uppercuts and body punches. 

Speed Bag: A hanging air-filled bag which is used to improve hand-eye coordination, hand speed and rhythm. 

Double-End Bag: A small light bag which is attached both to the floor and ceiling. Good for practicing strikes, speed and rhythm. 

Body Opponent Bag: Similar to a freestanding heavy bag but designed as a more visual representation of an opponent making it easier to aim for certain parts of the body. 

Heavy Bags for Boxing: 

A heavy bag is integral to any boxer’s training regime. It helps with balance, technique and rhythm, and allows a boxer to unleash their full power without the worry of injuring an opponent. 

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