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Best Boxing Shoes for Advanced and Beginner Boxers

After boxing gloves, boxing shoes are the most important piece of equipment for a boxer. 

With so many different boxing shoes on the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for and how to choose the right pair.

What are the signs of a high-quality boxing shoe? 


Boxers need to be light and quick on their feet which is why boxing shoes need to be lighter than the average athletic shoe. Good quality light boxing shoes are made from a lightweight leather or suede. 

Some boxers prefer a heavier boxing shoe which can provide more support, stability and power.  


Boxers need shoes which are going to have a good grip, yet also have enough flexibility to allow for easy pivoting and movement. High quality boxing shoes will have a thin rubber sole with thin and slightly raised lines of gum rubber material which is light enough for flexibility but also has a good enough grip to provide support. 


The sole of a boxing shoe will have an impact on a boxer’s balance and their movement in the ring. Some boxer’s will prefer a thinner sole so they can feel the ground and every movement their foot makes, while others prefer a thicker sole which makes them feel more powerful and stable. 

It’s important to consider that thinner soles can tire your feet out faster due to your feet being closer to the ground and having less support, while thicker soles can cause your feet to feel disconnected from the ring and may cause less agile movement. 

Ankle Support 

Boxing shoes come in a low-top, mid-cut, or high-cut design. The most important things boxers look for is ankle support and flexibility when it comes to shoe height. Each shoe height has its pros and cons and it often comes down to the personal preference of each individual boxer. 

Low-Top: The most mobile amongst the three, making them especially ideal for training and sparring, but not as good for the ring. They allow for maximum foot and ankle flexibility but offer less support than a mid-cut or high-cut design. 

Mid-Cut: A mid-cut is generally the most popular of the three designs as they offer both good support and flexibility (combining the best of both the low-top and high-cut styles). They are considered the best style to wear in the boxing ring and are specially designed for boxing. 

High-Cut: The higher the shoe, the more support it offers, which makes high-cut shoes best for in-ring use. It’s important to note that high-cut shoes fit differently. depending on the make and design (some might be looser around the ankles while others are looser around the shins and lower leg area).  

Starting a new sport can be an expensive undertaking, and boxing is no different, especially if you’re serious about it. Having the right pair of boxing shoes can make all the difference when you’re in the ring. Spending a little bit more for a quality pair of boxing shoes that will offer support, grip, flexibility and agile movement is important to a lot of boxers. 

Beginner boxers will often start their boxing journey by training with a punching bag or sparring with a partner and will often wear a normal pair of athletic shoes, but once they begin to feel more confident and grow more passionate about the sport, they will want to invest in a proper pair of boxing shoes. 

Some of the best boxing shoes for beginner boxers include:

Adidas Box Hog 2 

Adiodas Box Hog 2

These shoes are specially designed for beginner boxers and are super affordable, comfortable and stable. 

Offering additional foot support with a cushioned heel, EVA midsole, and gum rubber outsole, this shoe ticks all the boxes. 

Adidas HVC2 Speed Shoe 

Adidas HVC2 Speed Shoe

An affordable, durable and lightweight pair of shoes. 

Ideal for beginners as they have a full-length rubber outsole with a multi-directional tread which offers both a firm grip and stability. 

Some of the best boxing shoes for advanced boxers include: 

Reebok Boxing Boot

Reebok Boxing Boot - Buck

Another popular boxing shoe on the market, these Reebok boxing boots are much-loved for their design, performance and durability. 

They are secured by both laces and a strap which offers a great amount of support to your ankle but still allows for agile movement. 

Adidas Box Hog 3 

Adidas Box Hog 3

A low-top pair of boxing shoes which have proved their worth over the years. Designed for speed, they also offer protection and a great grip. 

For increased comfort, the shoe features an EVA midsole for extra padding, but it doesn’t  take away from the feel of the ground beneath you.


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