| Maxim Claes

Muay Thai vs Boxing: Which is Better? What are the Differences?

Martial arts have been coexisting with humanity ever since. Not only do you enjoy watching them on screen but trying them out can be a life-changing experience. 

Among the many forms of martial arts, Muay Thai and boxing are the most appealing. As a newbie, you must be curious as to which is better.

Pitting two styles of martial arts against each other is a sin itself because they play by their own rules, hence unique and distinct from each other.

However, here’s a detailed discussion of the similarities and differences between Muay Thai and boxing.

Muay Thai vs. Boxing: How different are they?

Muay Thai is an extremely popular form of martial arts that requires its participants to use all of the body’s upper and lower limbs to attack. Hence, it is called “The Art of Eight Limbs”. 

If you happen to watch a Muay Thai match, you’ll notice that players use their kicks, knees, and elbows to land powerful blows onto their opponents. 

But this isn’t the case in boxing. Compared to Muay Thai, boxing is rather limited since you are only allowed to strike using punches. Players are also prohibited to target body regions below the waist. And to add power to your punches, a strong emphasis on footwork is strongly recommended in boxing.

Which is more effective for self-defense?

Trying out martial arts is often motivated by the desire to learn self-defense. For such a purpose, Muay Thai can be more appealing than boxing.

The main reason behind this is the flexibility that Muay Thai offers. In threatening situations, nothing will reassure a person more than knowing that he can use any part of his body to strike the attacker.  

And by learning Muay Thai you’ll get more accustomed to using your hands, elbows, knees, legs, and feet. You can also train to add power to your attacks so that you can defend yourself better.

Which is better for weight loss?

Many people are curious about this and the answer to this controversial debate is BOTH. 

Muay Thai and boxing are both high-intensity full-body workouts that will challenge all the muscles in your upper and lower body. Training regularly will surely help you shed off some pounds by burning a lot of calories.

Apart from weight loss, these 2 martial arts also have amazing benefits on your physical and mental health. They help you build stronger muscles while improving endurance, agility, and balance. Moreover, by exercising you relieve built-up stress and anxiety. 

Which is easier to learn?

Technically, boxing is easier to learn than Muay Thai. But don’t mistake the word “easy” here because training will surely come as tough and challenging for all people.

When we say easier, we refer to the learning curve. Since boxing only permits the use of hands, the techniques, styles, and combos you need to learn are fewer than that of Muay Thai with eight limbs.

But do not be discouraged because this could be on a case-to-case basis. Some people find Muay Thai simpler to learn than boxing. So follow your instincts at all costs!

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