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Safejawz Premium Silicone Mouthguard Case


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Durable Silicone. Our unique silicone design is the first flexible mouthguard case of its kind. Your mouthguard will always be easily accessible and well protected. No tricky closure or parts that easily break, 

Carry Carabiner. Our stylish matt black carabiner clip means you can attach your mouthguard to your kit anywhere. #alwaysready 

Hygienic! Keep your mouthguard away from the nasties of your kitbag in our easy to wash out silicone case. It’s non-porous surface will also resist the growth of bacteria! 

Breathable - Our unique silicone design allows your mouthguard to ‘breathe’ whilst stored. This will help to keep it fresh when not in use. 

ConfidenceWithin always. The SAFEJAWZ mantra of “confidence within” debossed on the side of the case. A permanent reminder that confidence is the mindset that makes champions.  


Our premium SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Case has arrived.  

Made with durable and flexible silicone, we’ve made the outdated rigid mouthguard case a thing of the past. 

So, what’s the benefit? 

A soft silicone case means your mouthguard is always easily accessible, but also that the case is (almost) indestructible. This made even more possible by our stylish matt black carabiner that you to use to attach your mouthguard case nearly anywhere. No more digging around the bottom of your kitbag to find it. 

You don’t want your guard covered in germs, right? 

Well with our breathable, open-air design, hygiene was at the top of our list. It’s easy to wash, it will dry itself, and the non-porous surface will resist bacteria. 

Confidence is the mindset that makes champions. That’s why we’ve debossed the SAFEJAWZ mantra of “Confidence Within” on the side of the case as a permanent reminder.