• Morgan Muay Thai Shorts Fearless Pink

Morgan Muay Thai Shorts Fearless Pink


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The Morgan Ladies Fearless Muay Thai shorts will make you feel like the true Muay Thai fighter that you are, featuring a traditional muay thai cut design, with MTS-3 grade satin and fierce in-ring style to give you the edge over your competitors. Made to an industry leading quality, these Muay Thai shorts are ideal for training and competitions and offer superb moisture-wicking abilities to keep you cool and dry. Expansion panels offer maximum comfort, the extra-wide waistband gives you the best fit, odour prevention keeps you feeling fresh and ready, with an inbuilt extended drawstring will keep you in the fight, round after round.

Advanced MTS-3 fabric with moisture-wicking abilities to keep your Muay Thai shorts dry and clean
Odour prevention feature so you can stay fresh mid-battle
Long extended expansion panels for improved comfort and breathability
4” wide waistband for a snug fit around the waist
Luxurious satin with a high-grade laser cut  apex design for a stylish appearance