• Morgan Magnesium Carbonate Sports Chalk

Morgan Magnesium Carbonate Sports Chalk


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Morgan Magnesium Carbonate Sports Chalk

Morgan Lifting chalk substantially improves grip during heavy lifts and high repetition work by reducing the effects of perspiration on the hands. Grip strength is not only a factor in the ‘grind’ lifts (such as deadlifts) but also in the Olympic and all-around lifts as any reduction in grip ability will cause a reduction in speed and force generation.  Metabolic work involving kettlebells and dumbbells will also benefit greatly from the application of lifting chalk to retain a grip on the bells, without having to apply more force than is absolutely necessary (thereby saving your grip – especially important in functional fitness and Girevoy sport).  A ‘must have’ for lifting of all types.

High-quality magnesium chalk
Suitable for gym, weightlifting, kettlebells, rock climbing, etc
Package: One box with 8 blocks.  60g/each block and 480g in total