• Morgan Heavy Bags Filled Morgan Boxing Angle Punch Bag - Filled - Pick Up Only

Morgan Boxing Angle Punch Bag - Filled - Pick Up Only


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This item is available for instore pick up only - 8 Prime St, Thomastown, VIC 3074

The Morgan Sports Angle punch bag is a great choice when looking for an all-around training partner. This type of punch bag is designed to train uppercuts, hooks, straight punch, jabs, low kicks and anything else you can think of. It is manufactured using our 900D ripstop viny and filled here in Australia using premium cotton and fleece to create a denser impact zone, evenly balancing the bag during filling to create a lifelike a training partner. The unique shape is advantageous for punching at angles and uppercut shots. Durable nylon seat belt straps with stitched D-ring ensures that the boxing bag can be used for all kinds of training, while an additional tie-down loop located at the bottom of the 45kg bag ensures stabilisation.


900D Rip stop vinyl

4 x hanging straps + tie-down loop 

Heavy punch bag with practical striking angles

Ideal upper cut and knee bag

Top section: 72cm high x 40cm wide. 

Bottom section: 60cm high x 28cm wide. 


Total: 132cm high 40-45 kg