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Everlast Boxing 1910 Groin Protector


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Everlast is the choice of world-class champions and enthusiasts alike. A brand that is integral to the lives of athletes; fight sports and fitness - that train, compete and live an active lifestyle. Everlast delved into the boxing world with the development of boxing products that would last more than 15 rounds of intensive training. Fast forward over a decade and Everlast has become a name synonymous with boxing, MMA and fitness across the globe.

Classic look and feel with modern-day protection, the Everlast 1910 Groin Protector is unmatched in aesthetic and functionality. The lightweight foam construction with specially designed Flex Channels allows for maximum mobility in the ring while still providing optimal protection and performance. Kidney guard provides maximum coverage and protection while an advanced laced enclosure system with an adjustable leg strap prevents slippage and keeps the protector securely in place even during the most intense sparring sessions. The plastic molded, foam-lined cup is the pinnacle in protection, coverage and comfortability. A modern take on a classic line, the Everlast 1910 Groin Protector is a must-have for any fight connoisseur looking for the best in style and protection.


  • Kidney guards provide maximum kidney protection
  • Lightweight foam maximises ease of movement while not sacrificing protection or performance
  • Flex channels optimises movement and flexibility
  • Lace enclosed system with optional elastic lace ensures a secure fit and reduces slippage
  • Plastic molded cup maximises impact protection and coverage
  • Foam lined cup offers unmatched comfort and protection
  • Elastic leg starp provides a secure fir and prevents slippage
  • Satin dust cover for clean storage included