• Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps
  • Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps
  • Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps
  • Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps
  • Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps
  • Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps


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Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps


The Devils Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps are for weight training gym joint support adjustable underlay velcro fastener the reinforced seams, the refined thumb loop processing ensure a durable on every hand for men and women blended cotton elegant material wrist wrap is equipped with efficient for compression heat retention and blood flow with non-slip optimum firmness and a soothing thermal effect grip.

8cm wide and 50cm in length weight lifting strength training traction aids increase your performance prevent pain tendonitis and injuries whether for bench press dips, push-ups and shoulder press weight wrist wraps serve all purpose from calisthenics gymnastics.

Perfect hook & loop closure will assist your wrists in stabilizing your form. Excellent quality very comfortable for providing added support flexible supporting your wrist while power lifting, dead lifts or during squats. Prevents unnecessary wrist extension stability and sustain throughout the wrist joint lifting wraps are one size fit all and sold as a pair and achieve your goals. Gym accessory washed in slightly warm soapy water left to dry in normal room temperature.

Gym wraps equipment wrist support assists joints in heat retention relief to the wrists. Physical training with a focus on durability train with greater security and also breathable material is helpful to moisture. Wrist cuffs are fully adjustable and easy to put on and take off hook-and-loop strap doing any other exercises.

Elastic thumb loop ensures protected and right positioned wraps for bodybuilders and amateur athletes who want to protect their joints whilst develop muscles with bench press weight professional training session body goes into training stretchy and polyester mix together that absorbs excess humidity and won’t irritate the skin.

Color: As shown
Material: cotton fiber, latex silk
Length: 50cm
Width: 8cm
Suitable for: gym weightlifting, deadlift, power lifting, bench press, squat, cross, bodybuilding, strength training
Function: Strength training wrist support protection

The package includes:

1 pair of weight lifting wristbands
1 piece storage bag