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Morgan Mtx Suspension Training Unit


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The Morgan MTX Suspension Trainer is designed for the pros but is built for everyone. The MTX suspension training system is the most advanced and versatile suspension trainer available on the market. Train with any level of intensity using simple bodyweight and movement-based workouts and achieve your fullest potential, whenever and wherever. Featuring a high-compound rubber grip handles with industrial-grade seat belt webbing straps and high-loading carabiner locking systems ensures that a high velocity of body weight will be supported by this product. 

A systematic 1-12 number layout on our adjustable straps ensures that the straps are always even on both sides, thus reducing the chance of any muscular overload injuries. Included with the MTX is a door anchoring attachment and an extender strap to allow the suspension trainer to be used from higher up anchoring points. The MTX also offers adjustable foot cradles, barrel lock adjustments, suspension anchor and an equaliser locking loops.

Dual Rubber Grip Handles

1-12 number layout on adjustable straps

Industrial-grade webbing and stitching

Adjustable foot cradle

Door Anchor

Extender straps

Carry bag included

Note: never lock the 2 x carabineers together, the carabineers are to be locked into the provided straps through the loops separated via the black stitching marks.