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Namman Muay Thai Spray 20ml


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Namman Liniment Spray Bottle Activates Your Muscles, Ready For Performance, Or Rejuvenates Them Better Than Any Other Oil-Based Medicine Or Analgesic Cream On The Market.

The Deep Heat Of This Famous Thai Liniment Oil Provides Excellent Soothing Relief For Bruised Shins & Sore Muscles & Hip-Flexors & Sore Joints.

Deep-Heating Liniment. 
Muscle & Joint Pain Relief.
Warming & Recovery Agent. 
Use Pre Or Post Activity.
Injury Prevention & Recovery.
Great Texture - Smooth, Light Oil Base – Not Heavy.
Used By Muay Thai Fighters To Prevent & Heal Muscle Injuries.
Available In: 60ml, 120ml & 450ml
Immediately recognizable by the “Let’s-Go” pungent smell of eucalyptus and menthol.

From the home of Muay Thai, this boxing liniment is the most requested for warming, post-training massage, or just any general soreness.

Made famous through Thai boxing, Namman Muay Thai Oil is popularly used by Fighters, Athletes, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, and for home use, as it works wonders for muscle and joint pain.

No other oil-based medicine, or analgesic cream on the market, activates your muscles for performance or rejuvenates them quite like Namman Muay Liniment Oil.