• Fairtex Diagonal Vision Sparring Headguard HG16M2

Fairtex Diagonal Vision Sparring Headguard HG16M2


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Regardless Of Whether You Are A Beginners Or A Competitor Boxer, You Must Wear Protective Equipment That Is Made To Take & Protect Against The Impact Of Your Opponent's Best Kicks & Punches.

This new and improved version of the Fairtex HG-12 is made for a great fit, comfort, and most of all it boasts extra padding, meaning more protection.

Microfiber Headguard 
Improved Version
Thicker Forehead
Cheek Padding. 
Deep Ear For Better Comfort
Lace-Up For Greater Adjustment
Blows to the face - especially in boxing, full contact, or mixed martial arts (MMA) - are so bad that they can often cause fractures, head trauma, and brain damage.

With The Right Protective Equipment, You Can Protect Your Face & Cranium Against Weighted Blows & Limit Injuries.