• Sting 7 Inch Neo Dip Belt

Sting 7 Inch Neo Dip Belt


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Sting 7 Inch Neo Dip Belt

Fitted with a 3-inch support strap bearing the signature STING logo and a stainless steel chain and hook for added strength alongside an easier fit, Sting’s 7 Inch Neo Dip Belt is designed to be the ultimate weight training accessory for fighters of all weight classes. This dip belt fitted with a heavy-duty support chain can be used to enhance your weight training regime in a number of ways. Boxers can use the 7 Inch Neo Dip Belt as a weighted chin-up belt for working on their upper body and core strength.

The flexible neoprene design of our Neo Dip Belt also makes it perfect for use as a versatile weightlifting belt with a chain for easy weight attachments to help up your strength gains. And thanks to the Neo Dip Belt’s extra thick memory foam padding and lock-stitching, constructed with corrosive-resistant, high-density nylon, you can expect to enjoy this game-changing weightlifting chain belt for thousands of training sessions.