• Morgan FOCUS MITTS Morgan Alpha Series Focus Pads
  • Morgan FOCUS MITTS Morgan Alpha Series Focus Pads

Morgan Alpha Series Focus Pads


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The Morgan Alpha focus pads have been designed for combat sports champions in the making! Engineered to improve training and pad drills, these focus pads offer incredible durability and steel-clad stitching to withstand the toughest of blows. Foam technology ensures max shock resistance, an open finger design gives the wearer mega grip, and the expert ventilation and perforated holes will encourage proper airflow to prevent moisture build-up. This means your mitts won’t harbour nasty germs or smells! Hook and jab pads are designed with extra stability to see you through gruelling training sessions. A must-have for boxers looking to improve technique.

A forgiving curved striking area ensures that beginners through to advanced users are able to make the most of these pads
Elevated wrist wedge to provide the pad holder comfort and wrist protection whilst holding these pads
Extra wide wrist strap for a tight secure fit
Perforated holes in the hand compartment ensure your hands stay dry, with an additional pull-down flap attached to the glove
Solid gripping inner palm ball
Ultra-soft, high rebound inner padding is ideal for long pad work sessions
Pad Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 5cm - Wrist wedge elevation is 3cm