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Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine Issue 2


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Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine Issue 02

Interviews with Kyra Gracie, Jude Samuel, Rafael Lovato Jr., Jacare and Pedro Bessa. A grand total of 24 pages of interview with some big big names is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The questions are great and steer clear of the "what's your favourite colour ?" crap you might find in non-specialized magazines. It is clear each interviewer had made their homework before hand.

Techniques: yes, we get to learn some actual BJJ techniques and strategies by none less than Nick Brooks, Braulio Estima and Rafael Lovato Jr. As an example, Braulio shower a neat triangle from spider guard and he user no less than 9 text-supported pics to do so.

Tournament Coverage: aside from the excellent Grapplers Round-Up which has photos from 4 BJJ and no-gi submission grappling tournaments around the UK, the magazine also covers the recent Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup in 5 pages and 8 photos. My only wish here was that the photos had captions. I like captions, and also I'm not good with remembering who's who.

Reviews: we are treated to 4 reviews (2 gis, one instructional BJJ dvd set by Abmar Barbosa and a pair of no-gi grappling shorts) and a teaser about a new Eddie Bravo book and a triangle book by Neil Melanson, both from Victory Belt. The gi reviews were very simple. It didn't seem the reviewer had rolled much in them so don't expect Meerkatsu level of detail. Plus much more.