• Powrbox Enemy LW Round Shield
  • Powrbox Enemy LW Round Shield

Powrbox Enemy LW Round Shield


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Introducing the ultimate weapon in your boxing arsenal: the Powrbox Boxing Enemy LW Round Shield! Designed to empower fighters with unrivaled strength and protection, this cutting-edge punch shield is a force to be reckoned with.

Crafted with precision and advanced materials, the Enemy LW Round Shield boasts a formidable combination of microfiber and EVA foam. Engineered to perfection, these top-of-the-line materials come together to create an unstoppable defence against even the most powerful punches.

Experience the epitome of shock absorption as you unleash striking prowess. The Enemy LW Round Shield's innovative construction is specifically tailored to disperse the impact of every blow, ensuring optimal comfort and safety for both you and training partner. Say goodbye to unnecessary strain and welcome a lightweight shield that effortlessly absorbs the toughest hits, allowing you to focus solely on refining technique.

With its sleek and ergonomic design, the Enemy LW Round Shield fits snugly into your grip, providing enhanced control and manoeuvrability. Its lightweight nature enables swift movement and lightning-fast reactions, giving you the edge in every training session.

Unleash your true fighting potential with the Powrbox Boxing Enemy LW Round Shield – where strength meets resilience, and victory becomes your closest ally. Dominate the ring and leave your opponents in awe as you embody the spirit of a true boxing champion. It's time to unleash the beast within and revolutionise your training regime with the enemy you'll actually love.


Microfibre/ cowhide compound skin
Shock-absorbing EVA foams