• Gracie Master Cycle: Blue Belt Stripe 3 - Official Test

Gracie Master Cycle: Blue Belt Stripe 3 - Official Test


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Master Cycle: Blue Belt Stripe 3 - Official Test

The Six Drills
The Blue Belt Stripe 3 (BBS3) Official Test consists of six drills: three Technical Drills and three full-resistance Sparring Drills. On this DVD, Ryron and Rener Gracie discuss the parameters of each drill as well as demonstrate all 190 techniques in the exact order that will be expected of you. The brothers also explain the grading criteria that will be used to grade your performance.

Drill 1: Mount & Side Mount Techniques 
Drill 2: Guard & Half Guard Techniques
Drill 3: Back Mount, Leg Locks & Standing Techniques
Drill 4: Gi Sparring
Drill 5: No-gi Sparring
Drill 6: Street Sparring

The Evaluation Options
When confident in your ability to perform all six drills, you can test for Stripe 3 promotion via Live Evaluation or via the Video Evaluation Process. For more information on these testing methods, and to download the official list of techniques, please visit the online 'Testing Center' at When you pass the test, the Gracie Academy will send you your stripe and an official promotion certificate in the mail. Once you earn all four stripes on your blue belt, you qualify to test for purple at any Level 4 Certified Training Center under the watchful eye of a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Instructor.

Bonus Section: Brotherly Battle
As a special bonus on this DVD only, you will get to watch Ryron and Rener Gracie go at it in a 30-minute fully-resistant Street Sparring session! To ensure that you get the most out of this dynamic sparring session, the entire session has been fully narrated - by both brothers individually - and you get to choose which one you listen to while you watch!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this an instructional DVD? Can I learn all the Blue Belt Stripe 3 techniques from this DVD?
No, this is not an instructional DVD. Even though most of the Blue Belt Stripe 3 techniques are demonstrated on this DVD there are several variations that were not included in the test. During the test demo, the brothers quickly present the techniques to demonstrate the test sequence; they do not present sufficient detail to learn the techniques. In fact, they do not speak at all during the demonstration. To avoid learning the techniques incorrectly, and to ensure the development of reliable reflexes, please watch all the comprehensive Blue Belt Stripe 3 instructional lessons featured in the Curriculum section at

2. Can I test for Blue Belt Stripe 3 if I am an "unverified" blue belt?
No. Due to the linear nature of the Gracie University curriculum, in order to test for Blue Belt Stripe 3 promotion, you must complete the Gracie Combatives course and pass the Blue Belt test at a Certified Training Center, and then you must pass the official Blue Belt Stripe 1 and Stripe 2 test online or in person. In other words, you must pass all tests in order to advance your rank through the Gracie Academy.

3. Will the Blue Belt Stripe 3 test also be available on Gracie University?
Yes, the test demonstration will also be available online through Gracie University in the future. But, the bonus sparring session between Ryron and Rener will only be available on the DVD. Furthermore, the online version of the test will be lower quality video and can only be viewed where there is an active internet connection. With the DVD version you can prepare for the test more effectively, since you can watch the test in a room, Gracie Garage, and training center where there may not be an active internet connection.

This DVD is region free (NTSC) and is formatted to play on all DVD players.

Approximate Run time: 120 minutes