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Jiu Jitsu Style Issue 7


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Jiu Jitsu Style Issue 7

Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine Issue 07

The two iconic figures, father and son are talking about the history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the uk and how much effort it took in order to get the sport going in the UK.

It wasn’t something easy and it took some time and lot of travelling for both Mauricio Gomez and his son-Roger- until they had the opportunity to give the black belts in United Kingdom.

That time had come in 2005 and the grading took place in Roger Gracies academy in London where Mauricio Gomez, Roger Gracie and Braulio Estima gave the first black belts in UK to Rick Young, Jude Samuels and Marc Walder.

The rest is history…