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Jiu Jitsu Magazine 24


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Jiu Jitsu Magazine Issue 24

We had to do it, our biggest issue EVER! 132 jam-packed pages of jiu-jitsu goodness.

On the cover – The inventor of guards – Keenan Cornelius!

Keenan shows us his new Kneebar guard and Lapel Guard.

Nic Gregoriades demonstrates jiu-jitsu concepts.

Jeff Glover shows us how to improve our top game with the help of a stability ball.

De La Riva Guard from Ricardo De la Riva himself!

Building strength in your hips.

Pack on muscle with the oldest trick in the book

Dealing with finger injuries

Hungry? How about some Chicken Berimboiled?

The importance of self-evaluation in your jiu-jitsu game

More jiu-jitsu definitions

Getting to know Abraham Marte