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Brawler Bar Only Olive Gentle Castile Bar


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Introducing the Only Olive Gentle Castile Bar.

This bar is exactly what it's name entails - 100% saponified Olive Oil. 

Castile Bars have been around for hundreds of years and is a soap bar that is made from 100% vegetable oils. 

The benefits of Castile Bars are they're gentle, great for sensitive skin, naturally hydrating and do not contain any essential oils or scents. You will also love the creamy feel the Only Olive Castile Bar provides when lathered. Our Only Olive is gentle enough to use all over your body on a daily basis.

Olive Oil has always been known to be a rich antioxidant and provides the skin with vitamins and fatty acids leaving you skin feel smooth and supple.

If you are looking for a gentle alternative to soap, the Only Olive is your answer. Curated for 6 months, each Only Olive bar is hand made to perfection and with the most sensitive skin in mind.

New look bar but our mission is the same. Profits from each bar sold support our fight for change in disadvantaged communities.

INGREDIENTS: 100% saponified olive oil.

70 gram bar.