• Brain Pad 3XS
  • Brain Pad 3XS
  • Brain Pad 3XS
  • Brain Pad 3XS

Brain Pad 3XS

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Brain-Pads Most Advanced Dual-Arched Guard. Recommended for all athletes that Hit and Get hit while competing in Contact Sports.
Great for power lifting and strength training.

Offers a new softer platform to clench into for power, balance & protection at impact. Advanced high impact gel inserts, augmented wrap-around outer bumper & advanced high impact gel inserts.

Tapered Channel Ends combine to create a new level of comfort, Jaw cushioning & Advanced Impact Energy Management.
Tested and proven to reduce risk of internal head injuries and concussions from lower jaw impacts.

Gel form liner molds firmly to teeth supporting entire dental arch. Air Flow Clench & Breath TM technology enhances breathing and endurance.

Protects upper and lower teeth, lips and tongue.