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  • Athlon Rub - The Fight Factory
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  • Athlon Rub - The Fight Factory

Athlon Rub


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Deep Muscle Sports Rub

Athlon Rub is the next generation in performance and recovery founded on a time-tested Thai Oil formula and enhanced through proven ingredients. Our products are made in an FDA & ISO Certified Lab in the USA. Athlon Rub is certified and continuously tested by Informed Choice to be free of banned substances (PED’s) and cross-contamination. Made with naturally derived ingredients. 


3.4 fl oz / 100 ML bottle. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY (Largest Allowable Size)

Comes in a shatter-proof, BPA-Free Container. The bottle is amber colored to protect the essential oils from direct light.

Our flagship sports performance and recovery product, this is our updated take on an ancient Thai Oil formula.


Thai Oil formula has a smooth light guide and is very fast absorbing. Unlike other products, clothing can be worn virtually within a minute of application. The formula is not designed to be overly hot but the heat will be intensified when applied on the skin when pores are open such as after a brief warm-up or after a shower. The wintergreen scent has been reduced so as too not be as overwhelming but it retains the invigorating and beloved scent which serves to help open the nasal passages for clearer breathing.



Arnica Montana

It has the power to relieve many of the common aches. 


Turmeric is used for arthritis, heartburn (dyspepsia), and more.


Ginger oil is highly regarded for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties. Use Ginger for swelling.



Warm-up Enhancement: Use the product as a warm-up aid to prepare for physical exertion. Best applied when a brief sweat has started; apply to the entire body or body areas in use while avoiding eyes, open wounds, and sensitive parts.

Recovery: Apply to physically exerted muscle groups or to the entire body. Avoid eyes, open wounds, and sensitive parts. Make part of your recovery and massage regime.



Thai Oil formulas have been used for generations and are an integral part of Thai National Sport of Muay Thai, aka Thai Boxing or Art of Eight Limbs. In this setting, elite athletes living and training in camps apply Thai Oil on the body regularly during the pre and post work out to prepare for extreme physical exertion on a daily basis. Thai Oil is considered a contributing factor to the career longevity of these elite athletes training and competing at extreme levels. In a martial art where the highest registered impacts are recorded, fighters have been known to have 200 – 400 fights in their careers which is many times over records in other combat sports. Because of its effectiveness, Thai Oil use has transcended into all sports and even manual labor.