• Powrbox Boxing Laser Focus Mitts - Grey/ Red

Powrbox Boxing Laser Focus Mitts - Grey/ Red


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Our Laser Mitts are here! These badboys are our new essential tool for boxers and martial artists to improve their accuracy, speed, and technique. These mitts are designed to help trainers and coaches work with their athletes to develop their striking skills and improve their overall performance.

The laser focus mitts are made of high-quality materials that can withstand the impact of punches and strikes. These are a comfortable fit for both the trainer and the athlete. The mitts are also designed with a slightly curved shape that allows for a natural grip, making it easier for trainers to catch punches and strikes!


Microfibre/ cowhide compound skin
Hardened Face
Cupped insert
Shock-absorbing foams
Finger Covers
Wrist Strap