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Armbar Kaminari Batch Soap

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Japan was beyond our wildest dreams - a land rich in martial arts history and laden with high-caliber ingredients for cleansing and protecting the skin of the martial artist.

"Kaminari" means "Thunder & Lightning" and it was a name that stuck while we were visiting farms and Jiu Jitsu academies between a drizzly Tokyo and Kyoto.

Purifying Yuzu juice and detoxifying Sasanishiki rice water are blended with a potent, anti-fungal combo of Japanese bamboo charcoal, Australian Tea tree oil, Tsubaki oil (Japanese Camellia), Neem oil, and Lemon oil.

Each bar is then carefully sprinkled with a premium-grade Matcha Tea Powder that we source directly from Ippudo Tea farm in Kyoto - a company that has been perfecting their craft for almost 3 centuries.

Matcha Tea is naturally antibiotic and rich in Chlorophyll - a plant pigment that speeds up the wound healing process.

A supreme After-training soap bar from "The Land Of The Rising Sun" wouldn't be complete without a handful of crushed Sakura (cherry blossoms) and Green Tea leaves to exfoliate any dead skin accumulated during heavy training.

Arigatou Gozaimashita!